Who we are

Ignite IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) is a management consulting and software implementation/software services firm focused on delivering value based solutions while supporting clients through their intelligent process automation journey. 

With over 15  years of experience and a proven track record in successfully delivering >$300M in margin enhancements, operational savings and revenue producing solutions across fortune 500 companies, Ignite IPA is poised to be the missing piece in your automation strategy.



What we do

At Ignite IPA we drive value based outcomes to help our clients deliver on their digital goals; whether the focus is on higher margin business acquisition in a scaling or revenue rich environment; or focused on reducing costs and “doing more with less” to correct years of over-spending on operational activities when technology was thought to be too costly, Ignite IPA has the tools and capabilities to identify where you should focus your automation activities to meet your goals. 

Once your automation strategy is set and you have a north star guiding where you should automate, Ignite IPA also offers a range of implementation based services across a number of different automation products to ensure our clients meet their automation goals. 

Ignite IPA was established under the premise of solving 3 major gaps in the software consulting and staff augmentation industry:

  1. A focus on experience-based successful industry implementations, to assist clients in driving true value from their automation programs.
  2. A business model that promotes self-sufficiency in our clients, rather than one that promotes dependency on a consultant long term.
  3. A focus on an entire automation ecosystem required to create true value, rather than just a single technology like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Meet the executives

Mark Shivers, Ignite IPA, ingiteipa, rpa, robotics

Mark Shivers, Founder & CEO


844-648-3472 (8-INGITEIPA)

Mark Shivers, a career internal/external consultant, was the founder of the RPA program at BNY Mellon in 2015 and led it as the Global Head of Intelligent Process Automation, a 55k person financial services company, and through 4+ years won 2 global awards along the way. This program touted an implementation of >450 bots while executing >5.1M robotic processes, and >60M individual queue items annually. The RPA program under Mr. Shivers was expanded to include other technology solutions like OCR/ICR, workflow and machine learning under the umbrella of Intelligent Process Automation, to achieve significant financial value to the business.

Mark Shivers, has now brought his industry experience to clients of all industries as a software implementation and consulting services firm through Ignite IPA. Mark founded Ignite IPA to extend this value-based implementation model to new customers looking to achieve similar success in the intelligent process automation space. Ignite IPA is now partnering with several software vendors in this space to help clients take their investments in intelligent automation further by focusing on an easily scalable model, that promotes self-sufficiency and is predicated on value-based implementations.