Fully Independent Resource Enablement

FIRE Program

Ignite IPA’s desire is to enable our clients to build the proper infrastructure and experience required to act upon the above strategies to become self-sufficient is what sets them apart. The Ignite IPA engagement model is predicated on supporting our client’s goals of maturity & self-sufficiency with a focus on building a scalable RPA/IPA program within the client’s organizations. We call this the FIRE Program (Fully Independent Resource Enablement).

We understand that having a development team & experienced consultants co-located onsite with your business and RPA/IPA center of excellence is highly important to the success of your program as you grow and scale, however, most consulting organizations do not have a stable of trained resources in your local area.

The essence of the FIRE Program is the placement of permanent senior-level RPA resources (that have been trained by Ignite IPA and benefit from the years of practical experience Ignite IPA has in RPA deployments) into the client organization, to allow the client to support its program without the long- term support of external firms. The FIRE Program offers a short-term engagement with highly trained resources, which is the short-cut you have been looking for on the journey to reduce the long-term dependency on consulting firms.