Operating Model & Delivery Governance

Where should the COE team report through? How should an automation project progress through a lifecycle? What types of segregation of duties are needed? Centralized, Dedicated, or Federated, Ignite IPA can help you establish the right operating model and delivery governance model for your RPA/IPA practice.

Opportunity Assessment

What is the right type of opportunity for IPA?  Even if you can do this, should youdo this?  How much of the process can be automation?  Ignite IPA can help you answer these questions and establish the guardrails for effective pipeline analysis, with a focus on the expense based, risk based, or revenue based goals of your automation program.

Solution Engineering

Should we reengineer or optimize the process prior to automation? What happens upstream and downstream in your data flow? How many other areas perform a similar process with slight variation in the systems or data?  With a dedicated focus on end to end Solution Engineering, Ignite IPA can help you ensure that maximum benefit is extracted from the automation opportunities selected.

Design Authority

How do you know that your automations are built with appropriate error handling?  Will your automations be reusable in the future? How do you ensure that all of your developers are consistent in their development techniques?  Ignite IPA can help you establish a proper Design Authority function to oversee your development and delivery practices, and help bring consistency to your automation program.

Self Sufficiency & Scalability Support

How will you support the demand when your automation program scales?  How will you reduce your dependence on consultants?  What will your team look like in 6, 12, or 18 months?  Ignite IPA is focused on enabling you to become self-sufficient, and providing you with the appropriate skillset to facilitate scale within your automation program.

Staff Augmentation

Where will you find qualified talent to fill Modeler, Controller, or Design Authority roles?  How will you facilitate training?  Ignite IPA can provide you with the talent you need to make your automation program a success.  We can hire, train, and place individuals within your organization, quickly, and with the support require for success.